Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Might be AWOL for a bit

Just wanted to let you know I may be missing around here for a bit. We checked my MIL into the hospital last night and the news isn't particularly good. Will be heading back up to the hospital shortly and it could be another 22 hour day.

But God is bigger than our problems, so we're going to trust in Him and soldier on. I would covet your prayers, if you're of a mind.


  1. Prayers on the way! Wish I were nearby to help...

  2. I just prayed for your MIL and you and your husband. We've been in your shoes. Thanks for taking a look at my blog during this time! Your cards are beautiful and I look forward to seeing more when you are available. :-)

  3. Just caught the date on your post, prayer knows no time limits, does it? LOL! I hope things are improving for all of you.